A poem from my oldest daughter

From Kaylee arias

Here’s your poem mom:
Night and day the sun will shine brighter.beauty of no other eyes are mesmerizing darkness fades away.hiding in your arms escape way into the light.heart slows down eyes close safe with you.happiness slowly coming above.protect you always stand in front no one can harm you! Your my protector I’m your shield.my days have been dark my smile appears my laughter slowly becoming true. Starting to love me due to you.being more open more friendly more kind.raised into humbling and kind well being.your
Beautiful your amazing smile because another day another year of living.im growing up but I will always love you and I will always hold you close💜

Everything is temporary

Ever hard that saying ” people come in your life for a reason” ? It’s never a accident who comes in and out your life.

Some may come as a blessing

Some may come to show you pain

Some come around to break your heart ❤️

Some to make you smile

Some to show you, your worth

Or how beautiful your soul really is

And some to remind you of who you was

As humans we learn new things everyday

Is on us what path we’ve chosen to walk on

It can be an incorrect path


The right path

Being who we are isn’t just planned out in your head we become who we are because of life

Life lessons teach us how to survive

We just need to learn how to deal with emotions better

Just maybe we would find the right answers at the right time .

And stay real to who we are

Never change for no one

If he or she loves you they would change to be a better version of themselves for you. Now that’s what you call LOVE ❤️






That’s all that matters in life is to be happy and live in peace 😉

Your crazy blogger

Meli Mel 🙏🏼


People tell me when giving up or feeling like I’m losing it all just pray and trust in him!

Not knowing that I’ve prayed and prayed but not the right way.

Praying for this pain to go away

Praying to be saved

Praying that my pain won’t change who I am

Praying for my sanity

But I can’t pray for me

I have to pray for what’s around me to be saved

To be at peace

To understand

To clarify my intuition

To clear all negative thoughts

To have faith

To believe once again

To find me

To find what I believe

To believe in him

To praise him

To follow is word

Once with all this

I could once again love

Love myself

Love what’s around me

Love life

Love all my blessings

Love and give love

But first of all love me again


Smile because it brightens up the world

Laugh because it helps with depression

Live yes live because we only die once

So enjoy life like it’s your last day!

Your crazy blogger

Meli Mel ❤️


Ever just wake up and said it’s over?

I have, this year has been so emotional and stressful year. So many unexpected behaviors of the ones I love, so much pain I’ve been through.

So many times I’ve said I got this, but mentally giving up little by little. And another painful truth today.

Why me? Why me I ask god but only he knows why. It isn’t my time and I have to accept his ways. So much pain so much disappointments.

Which way should I go, should I run should I stay. All I can do is wait and listen.

Only god knows when!

When my new challenges would come

If there good

Or some

More disappointments.

I ask why me?

The lord says just wait and see!

I say see what lord ?

Just be patient.

No one said your life is going to be roses and chocolates

This world

Is so evil

So many people who are selfish

So many who don’t care about others

So many who want to see you fall

So many who enjoy disappointments

Let’s be the ones who love more

Who helps more

Who cares more

Who believes more

Who haves more faith

More faith in him

Maybe just that faith is what you need to breath again


Smile laugh love

But live , live everyday because we only die once

😉 your crazy blogger

Meli Mel ❤️

Life has different season

What I mean about seasons? Well we have good , bad , stressful and very emotional depressed seasons.

Dealing with any bad seasons isn’t easy to deal with the enemy knows how to use you and destroy what’s around you.

He would make you feel like you aren’t worth anything he would trigger : anxiety Panic attacks bad mood swings rants complaining about life even make you have suicidal thoughts .

But we don’t see it this way we would question our ability to surrender and be so weak.

But let me tell you a little secret I’ve looked around and found my place of peace and tranquility. Have you ever prayed so much that you have forgotten why you was praying.

Have you enter a church where you’ve felt like you belong and feel at home. That’s god he always has his hands open and ready to help you heal.

There’s a saying in the Bible don’t quote me because I’m not sure if I’m correct I’m still learning.

“Come to me with open arms and I’ll heal and protect you with an open heart. ”

When opening to god you have to go with an open heart open mind and forgive and forget the pass.

Yes you would be tested over and over again yes you would lose friends family even relationship that aren’t meant to be why ? Because god has a plan for a purpose to forFill.

I just started my journey and I can say that it’s been tough and so emotional but what I can say when I open up my bible or listen to Messages on YouTube it calms me down and all my worries are gone. Started with my baptism classes who would say I’ll be excited but I am to learn his word and understand so I could teach my daughters so I could help my husband understand why it’s important in a relationship so many reasons why we need to look for god not only when we in pain or hurt or even sick we need to look for god when we are good and blessed in every way. Because yes god is good all the time even on the bad emotional days just pray and he would listen. 


Remember live laugh love and always smile because we live every day but we die once 🥰

Your crazy blogger

Meli Mel

Fighting my demons

Ever wake up so dizzy 🥴 and confused about life, not knowing where to go or what to do.

After it all you still don’t know! How to deal with all this pain. So many situations happening at once, dealing with so much negativity.

Oh lord may who ever is dealing with there demons. May you cover them with your blood and protect them from all evil and negativity against them. Amén

What I mean about demons? We all Fight with our minds everyday. Trying to do everything right, But we’re not perfect. It’s always a way a demon could destroy your world your life in some way.

In our minds we could do so many things to hurt ours who’s hurt us or even worst. We fight with demons all the time. They come in so many shapes and forms. ( brother, sister , mother , father , spouse ) etc. some way they would get to you if you weak ( meaning flesh and mind ) even sometimes your emotions may even betray you.

Pray! Pray and god for sure would listen. Look for him, love you first before loving anyone else. Never think it’s the end for you because only god would decide when is your time. is never to late to find your purpose in life and finding god. Oh my god his so good 😊.


Your crazy little blogger

Meli Mel

Remember smile laugh so hard that it hurts enjoy life because we live it everyday but we only die once


Sleeping with the enemy

People will say why sleeping with the enemy? Because it isn’t only your partner that you may say something like that.

Friends family neighbors coworkers you could name them all. You would never know what a person envy’s you or envy’s what you have.

Been married for 6 years in a relationship for 7 years. I thought I had the perfect relationship.

Till October 30, reality smacked me in my face. Yes no one is perfect every relationship has problems. But when a person is to real some how some way they could fall in the cracks and get lost it’s happened to so many.

Never try to satisfy others for not being like them. Being you is unique that’s why we was created differently.

Never try to protect someone from being hurt because you would never know how much pain you would cause or you may make it worst.

Having friends around your family isn’t so good. Some people want you to do good but never better then them. They would hit you from the back with out you even knowing. Dealing with a snake 🐍 is so hard to get rid of especially someone who’s lived in your home when he had no where else to live. Someone who you called brother and who tried to take everything and end it with out any remorse. People like that you need to finish them but the right way.

I’ve found so much peace in going to church and dealing with so many situations at once’s that if it wasn’t for my lord almighty I think I’ve would of lost it.

Give god your enemies and worries and god would deal with it all.

The same way a snake moves is the same way lots of people move now in days you have to have faith and hope in god. Because this world is coming to an end soon.


Live love ❤️ smile

We live every day

We die once

So enjoy 😊 what you have in front and let go of what was

Your crazy blogger

MeliMel 😊

The sad truth

This world has become to shit excuse my French.

There’s no such thing as real friends real relationships real family why?

People envy people

People are jealous of what others have

People enjoy being second plate

They manipulate things to get what they want.

What’s sadder is that women don’t know how to give themselves respect ✊

Women think by having a child a man is going to stay and take care of his responsibilities, nah sorry if you a side piece that’s all you are nothing more or nothing less you was just a nut 🥜

Sorry women is just truth we bring children into this world that isn’t wanted they they wonder why there’s so many criminals.

Why I say criminals because with out a father the foundation of a home is broken. Having a broken home and raising children isn’t so easy. I can say this by experience yes as a single mother we have to be strong and teach them right from wrong explain to them about the world but a child always needs they’re father. Why bring one to this world if they missing that puzzle. Because she’s selfish she wants to be the one with the attention.

But it’s life right.

We have to change how people speak about women in lighten them with our knowledge let the world know that the women from the pass is shaking in they’re grave wondering why we are disrespecting and devaluing what they create for us in the future.

Instead of women becoming more empowering we are losing value on who we are and who we can become.

But then again this generation isn’t up for changing things. They only care about they’re phones smh this generation needs love hugs and spanking smh.


Remember to always smile

Live every day because we only die once

Live live laugh

Your crazy blogger

MeliMel 💕

Ladies can you relate

When dealing with betrayal? What do you do to forget the pain, how can you cope with it?

One we will never forget, but how to move on.

It isn’t easy, especially when it wasn’t you.

Turning a new left, starting new things. Seeing how much he/she loves you, seeing the effort to change and participate in family events. He or she wanting you around more, communication is more then before.

Yes these are thing we women want : communication, participation, loyalty and most of all to be loved and respected.

I’ve find going to church has help me find peace.

Maybe going to the gym or even reading writing would help you

But nothing better then the lord now that’s peace.

We as humans make so many mistakes .

No one is perfect but if they do it again and again then that would be called selfishness

To be continued :

Smile don’t let that light go out

Your crazy blogger



Faces of betrayal

Ever been betrayed?

That’s the worst feeling ever, how to deal with situations that we can’t control. But what if we have that choice of staying or flying away and not caring.

Or stay and try to fix something you love.

So many things can run through your mind so much you could say.

One thing I could say never fix pain with pain it feels worst.

But can you fix love, can that love rekindle and spark like it did before.

After so much pain, what can one do.

I don’t know all the answers but what do know is if you love someone you don’t hurt them. And if you truly love someone you would try day by day step by step.

Or just let go and let time heal your soul

But what I can say is never trust a soul with you heart only the real ones would know but even those will hurt you so be very careful with love.


Always I mean always smile

Laugh and live because we live everyday we die once so choose wisely

Love your crazy blogger

Meli Mel 🙏🏼